Lip Balm / Lip Gloss / Lighter Custom Keychain

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Design your own lip balm/lip gloss/lighter case keychain with any photo that you like. You can use up to two photos. 
This case holds up to two lip balms or one 10-12 ml lip gloss or one lighter.  
As long as you have your keys with you, you will always have your lip balm or lip gloss with you when you need it the most and your lighter when you need to light something up. 
No more trying to dig in your purse for your lip gloss while driving because it will be visible since it is on your key which is in the ignition. Easy and safe to grab then digging inside of your purse.

No more going crazy for a lighter because it’s small and you misplace it. Just go to your keys and it will be right in the pouch of your case. 

The case come with a key ring to easily attach to your keys.

Processing time is 1-4 business days. 

An email will be sent automatically after purchase, please fill out the document and send it back to ASAP so that we can start fulfilling your order. 

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